A New Addition to the Gig Economy-Oil Changes?

//A New Addition to the Gig Economy-Oil Changes?

Mechanics Are Coming to the Gig Economy

Delivery workers, drivers, handymen, and more –  the Gig Economy continues to change the standard of common jobs around the world. In fact, during an Andreessen Horowitz presentation an industry expert predicted this trend would continue and move into “Regulated Industries”, meaning professionals whose occupations require certifications and degrees to be qualified for the work.


Some of the regulated industry jobs that are in the process of getting digitalized are doctors through ZocDoc, lawyers through Upcounsel, and all  kinds of freelance work through Upwork. There are of course more platforms using this model as well.  The Gig Economy is consuming so many workers it is estimated that 36% of the United States or 57 million people are working part or full-time as a Gig Economy worker.


From a consumers perspective they enjoy working through employees who utilize the Gig Economy since the interaction is more personal. The feeling of obtaining a service easily through a phone at any time is empowering and usually saves time and money. However, gig economy apps are only as good as the contractors they bring onboard.  This is why each of these apps has their own vetting process to assure the services can be done with the highest quality.


Because of the more decentralized nature of a gig economy job compared to a typical at-will one, the checks and balances on which contractors do good work is measured by prompts built into the apps such as rating systems, reviews and comments, etc. Many of these apps encourage their users to submit qualified reviews of their contractors, which are referenced by other users requesting services, as well as the company who created the app to see how their contractors are preforming. This transparent feedback structure keeps contractors honest so they are more likely to be selected for work.


One of the highly anticipated jobs coming to the Gig Economy is mechanics. There is a demand from frustrated drivers who would surely like to order a mechanic in real time through a trust worthy app instead of believing mixed reviews online. A mechanic-curating app benefits both mechanics and the consumers.


Currently there is stiff competition for mechanics to obtain new clients. A reason for this may be how tight prices are and that they are not readily viewed by potential customers. By publishing prices per repair type and allowing for the consumer to know what they’ll be paying for enables a more transparent marketplace where greater business can flourish.

Consumers using a mechanic-curating app now have the ability to save time and money on mechanics who are easily matched based on location.  Consumers have the ability to filter the type of car repair that is needed. By doing this, mechanics are matched by a specialization instead of under the broad term of “mechanic”, allowing for the right mechanic for the job, which in turn creates the confidence of the consumer.


If this platform emerges to link mechanics to consumers, which will save time and money for both parties, it could simplify how people find trustworthy mechanics.  While this is not currently available or scaled, it is certainly in the works and possible. The gig economy model is a strong disrupter and has worked for companies like Airbnb with hotels, Uber for taxis, and even Postmates for delivery people.


Creating any regulated service through an app is tough to do; there is a lot of legal red-tape to abide by as well as the work to change an industry. However, it is only a matter of time before the mechanics come into the gig economy. Mechanics are a common regulated job and in high demand everywhere. Through Mechaniku’s vetting process, we strive to be the app that takes this to the masses. As we personally understand the frustrations finding a trustworthy mechanic for routine car checkups.

Mechaniku is a smartphone app displaying curated local private mechanics in your area. The app, Mechaniku, will allow you to book a mechanic to come right to where you are – at home, at work, or wherever you may need a mechanic – at your convenience… you can simply book them directly through the app. No more driving to a garage, and especially, no more waiting!  The mechanics on Mechaniku have gone through high-level background checks and skills testing to assure they handle your car with top of the line service and care.

—Your friends at Mechaniku.